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Hi. I’m Chelsea.

And I want to talk to you about finding yourself through food. If you’re reading this, you’re probably as lost as I was a few years ago. But guess what? I’m going to help you heal. Yep. I want to transform the way you think about yourself and your body, and turn what feels like the enemy in food into your ally.


Food. Fitness. Freedom.


Food Anxiety Is A Real Thing.

scarcity mindset:

  • “I shouldn’t have that pasta dish. It has too many carbs.”

  • “it’s a special occasion. I’ll start over tomorrow.”

  • “Clean your plate or you can’t have dessert.”

  • “I’d better get my share now before someone eats it all.”

  • “I don't know the next time I’ll be able to have cupcakes so I better eat it now.”

    Surprise. None of these statements are true.

Food Freedom Is A Real Thing.

abundance mindset:

  • “If I feel like pasta, I’m going to eat a pasta dish.”

  • “This is a lifestyle. I’ve already made that decision. There is no starting over.”

  • “I’ll stop eating when my body is full.”

  • “This isn't my last meal. I can make this for myself another time.”

  • “If I really want cupcakes, I’ll make them for myself, when I want.”

We Should Really Talk.

If you’re dead ass serious about changing your lifestyle for the better, and allowing me to teach you how to heal yourself through food, then please fill out this contact form below. I will be in touch with a few more questions, and I’ll even schedule a totally free one on one consult with you on your time to go over everything I have to offer you based on your custom responses. From my fully involved 90 day program Figuring Out Food, to a short few weeks of online content, I know I can help you get to where you want to be.