“Before signing up to work with Chelsea, I viewed food as a reward even though I knew that it was supposed to be fuel for my body. I would restrict myself so that I could "save those calories" for later, even though I had no energy to enjoy life, and had such bad headaches that I was no fun to be around. I knew that I had to invest in myself, my house, and my future.

When I found out Chelsea kick-started a program to learn to love food again, I knew that I had the perfect opportunity to re-educate myself and reform the relationship I have with food. I wanted to understand that food is just food, it’s not good or bad. I wanted to crave food. I wanted to believe that I could enjoy cooking. I wanted to find the things that I looked forward to eating. I not only wanted to be able to cook for myself, but love to eat the food that I cooked for myself.

With the recipes that Chelsea gave, me I was able to share them with my family who also loved them. My energy increased and my headaches decreased. I was also able to open up about my difficulties with food to those who are most important to me. I had always hidden these insecurities from them, and fought in private with myself.

Going through this journey with Chelsea by my side I was able to find the courage to open up and speak to my loved ones about the struggles I’ve had for years, and why. I became enlightened to the idea that there is truly freedom in letting people help you. Food can be a reward, or it can be a scary, challenging and overwhelming topic.

But with Chelsea I feel like it is fuel, and I am empowered.”

— fof client 2019


“Before I found Chelsea, the only thing I knew was that I ate- and that meant whatever and whenever I wanted. It was a crazy, vicious cycle of eating badly and feeling badly, and saying I would fix it tomorrow. I just didn’t think that what I was putting into my body was the entire reason I hated my body. I was in a constant state of food denial, and always telling myself  “this is who you are, and you’re confident enough to accept it” and that was a total lie.

 When I found a picture of Chelsea’s salad one day on Instagram’s discover page (hallelujah algorithm thank you, bless) I was like “ok damn, that looks delicious.” SO being the food inclined person that I am, I clicked her handle. I expected to find good food, but I absolutely did not expect to be moved to tears 3 minutes later and have my entire emotional-eating-brick-wall come crashing down over a caption she wrote. I decided right then and there, mid-day ugly cry in my office, that I was done allowing myself to feel like this- that I wouldn’t die this way. So I reached out to her, found out she was local, and we’ve been working together ever since.

 I’m only about a month into the program, still a noob, but so far I can tell a huge difference in the way I feel, mentally and physically. I remember telling her “I didn’t know people lived this ‘un-bloated’.” I don’t need a scale to tell me my body is thanking me, that alone was the best feeling so far. I have cut out all sodas, sweet tea, and any added sugars that aren’t natural. That is a massive step for me, as sugar is.. WAS a weakness. I have committed myself from sometimes no water and breakfast a day (I know, I know) to breakfast and one liter a day minimum, and I will never go back from those two things ever again.

 I am working on my fear of food every day, and digging deep to find out why I had / have such a hard time with fork to mouth. I did not realize how emotionally attached to certain foods I am. But now that I have a better understanding of why, and that I don’t necessarily have to give them all up, I am hyper focused on trying to find the alternatives in making certain newer foods taste as familiar as my comfort foods. I am really happy to have found new versions of old recipes through Chelsea that make me and my body feel good. I also love being able to eat when I am hungry, and I've never felt deprived of anything since we have been working together, which makes it so easy for me to keep going.

 For me, it was worth everything so far. Chelsea was able to work with me and was able to help me manage the program with my current busy schedule. I love that she is so dedicated to telling me what and how to eat. I feel like Pinterest, though a huge help, can be a confusing sea of ingredients and opinions, so working with Chelsea personally via her knowledge and mindset really eased my stress and allows me to continue to make better choices every day.

 If you’re interested in finding out more about yourself and your own struggles with food, I’d have to tell you that this isn’t a diet- like she says, it’s a lifestyle. It came easier to me than I thought because I was simply just tired of feeling so defeated, but once you get two weeks in of full commitment like I did, working with Chelsea and being as open and patient as she is with her clients, you’ll never look back. That first feeling of “I’m really doing this.. it’s really working” is totally priceless and I wouldn’t change this experience for the world.

I’m so grateful for this opportunity, and for Chelsea’s help.”

- FOF CLIENT, 2019


“Before I started Figuring out Food with Chelsea, I was in a not so great place. I was extremely depressed, eating food to help ‘cure’ this depression, and weighed more than I had in a long time. I kept seeing posts on Chelsea's page about this program, and one day looked in the mirror and said to myself ‘Alexis, enough is enough.’ I wanted to have a better relationship with food and Chelsea helped me believe I could do this with her Instagram posts so I took the leap! This program has helped me change my relationship with food so much.

I realized there is no such thing as bad food or good food, but that it depended on how I felt when I put that food into my body. I've lost 17lbs since starting the program and my measurements have changed by a couple of inches! Chelsea has been so helpful along the way with everything. She has made me feel like a superwoman and has been there when I felt like I was failing. She's also helped with my family after my father had a heart attack. She helped me make more meals that could accommodate him as well as things I would like. She was the best cheerleader I could have, and I wouldn't trade this experience for the world.

It is completely worth the investment especially if you're willing to invest in yourself.”